Neurovine is an evidence-based health technology company that optimizes patient brain health.
Tablz is redefining the future of dining, by enabling diners to select and upgrade to the table that best meets their preferences during the reservation booking process. 
DroneSeed has introduced a new tool for wildfire reforestation to deliver on their mission to make reforestation scalable and mitigate climate change.
Planetary Hydrogen is developing a technology that empowers energy companies to combat climate change profitably.
Hydrostor is the world’s leading developer of Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES)
projects, enabling the transition to a cleaner, more affordable and more flexible electricity grid.
Aitken Frame Homes has designed the world’s first hybrid building system that combines the benefits of prefabrication and the flexibility of onsite construction with structures that are consistently 20% stronger, 20-30% more energy efficient, and 20% less costly than traditional house builds.
Farm from a Box is the “Swiss Army Knife” of sustainable farming. Their all-in-one system combines climate-smart technology with regenerative farming practices, helps conserve water, improve soil quality, and increase nutrient rich-farm production.
Made with Local's mission is to continue nourishing our local community through local suppliers and social enterprises and to be the voice of intuitive, mindful nourishment in your grocery stores' snack aisle. 
DuniaPay uses blockchain technology to facilitate the day-to-day financial lives of people in Africa - inexpensively and right from their mobile device.
Hyperion Global Energy has developed the world's first industrial carbon recycling system. The captured waste CO2 emissions is converted into some of the world's most sought after mineral commodities.
Indiegraf is a platform for independent digital news publishers. Indiegraf is empowering independent journalists to fill local news gaps and contributing to a healthier democracy by ensuring everyone has access to civic news.
Aisle is an award winning manufacturer that specializes in sustainable alternatives to disposable menstrual products through their line of period underwear, washable cloth menstrual pads and menstrual cups.
ALT TEX takes landfill-destined food waste and chemically regenerates it into a bioplastic used to create various textiles.
RainStick is revolutionizing the shower experience by decreasing water and energy use through proprietary technology that recirculates water in a closed loop.
Flöka is a platform built to streamline patient history communication and accountability for lifestyle-focused practitioners - saving time to scale practice. Friendlier is creating a tech-driven reuse system to eliminate single-use food packaging waste
Gotcare provides a personalized home care experience for case managers and their clients, that provides greater efficiency, empathy, and control. Growcer provides turnkey indoor hydroponic farms that make it easy and cost-effective for their customers to grow and sell fresh food year-round in any climate.
Haloo Built by lawyers, Haloo’s self-service tools make trademarking easy and affordable for everyone. Hyivy Health creates pelvic rehabilitation devices for women experiencing pelvic diseases and cancers